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Education offer

Higher and vocational grades in the field of social and health.


Facilities prepared for the future

Open spaces based on digitization and technology, versatile and adapted to the needs of the situation.

Management system

Get to know what we are all about through an interactive presentation adapted to present-day needs.

Educational project

The nuts and bolts of our project, what makes us different and the most suitable offer for the education market.


We have the facilities to suit educational needs and the latest technical and didactic equipment.

Our educational offer

Higher education

Higher Technician
in Social Integration

You will be able to identify, organize, carry out and evaluate the necessary interventions for social inclusion, applying specific strategies and techniques, showing respect for the users at all times.

Higher Technician in Diagnostic Imaging
and Nuclear Medicine

Following medical prescription and using diagnostic imaging techniques such as Radiology, CT, Resonance, Nuclear Medicine, Ultrasound… this healthcare professional will get images for the diagnosis and treatment of the patient.

Higher Technician in Health Documentation and Management

It intervenes in patient care and in the administrative management of health centres by organizing processes for the processing of clinical information and documentation, collecting, recording and coding data, validating information and ensuring compliance with regulations.

Higher Technician in Prosthetic Audiology

The general competence of this title is the selection and adaptation of hearing aids, through audiological evaluation, user tracking, prosthesis.

Radiotherapy and dosimetry senior technician

The general competence of this title is ionizing radiation treatments. application by prescription; equipment with encapsulated sources or radiation. the use of producers, applying the general and specific rules of radiation therapy, etc.

Vocational training

Technician in Assistance to People in
Need of Care

You will work to improve the quality of life of dependent persons by providing care in the domestic or institutional sphere, through support activities in different areas to achieve this.

Technician in Nursing Assistant

You will work in patient care services and health conditions around it as part of the assessment team, in primary care centres, community support and/or specialized support.

Technician in Pharmacy and Parapharmacy

You will be able to carry out warehouse management and administrative tasks, develop pharmaceutical products, carry out sales and carry out health promotion, in pharmacy offices and parapharmacy establishments as well as in hospital pharmacy services.

Basic vocational training

Basic professional in hairdressing and aesthetics

You will be able to offer basic hairdressing, manicure, pedicure, waxing and makeup services to work in hairdressers, beauty salons, gyms and beauty centers, hotels, nursing homes, hospitals or spas.

Educational project

Educational project: Active methodologies: Challenges

Our students will be the focus of our work, and we have created the Suhar educational project that will help answering the needs of these people and developing their life project. Our fundamental working methodology is challenges (that is, finding solutions to a complex real complex situation that can be found in the workplace) and their focus is cooperative education.

So, our students work towards a common goal, through positive interdependence and proper and correct communication between team members.

In this way, we will focus on:

  • Study services.
  • Challenges.
  • Projects (internationals)
  • Personal development.
  • Digital entrepreneurship.


Multilingualism – Eleaniztasuna


  • Mission, Vision and Values
  • Management policy
  • Strategy


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