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The team

These are the people who make up our work team

Our work team

We are about 35 workers in our school. At TILI, we have no hierarchies, and we are all equally important and part of the same project.
In order to achieve the full and comprehensive development of each of us, we have a deployed Human Management System. Through this system we work the different fields:
  • The suitability of the employee’s job position.
  • Evaluation of the employee’s performance.
  • Worker’s training.
  • The recognition and motivation to the employee.

For the development of these work areas of each individual, we use the CPD (Continuous Performance Development) tool. Thanks to this tool, after an initial diagnosis of each person, the Individual Training Plan for the development of their competencies is adapted to them. After a final evaluation, we identify their strengths, weaknesses and training needs again, ensuring the continuous improvement of the person and measuring the effectiveness of our training.

The people who make up the work teams of the group

Our teams

Strategic area

Enterprise and Dual


Economic sustainability

ODS + Basque language


Innovation area


Specialization and new trainings

TKgunea and advisory

Strategic projects


Operational area


Joseba Lasarte (
Andoni Badiola
Alaine Zubeldia (
Marian Barjut

Continuous training

Initial training

Amaia Arrastoa (
Amaia Hernandez (
Itsaso Urbieta (

Market and Communication

Quality (PKP)



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