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Erasmus + KA1

A programme designed to carry out internships in companies abroad

The Erasmus charter

Thanks to the Erasmus Charter, our centre forms part of the Erasmus programme +, by means of which our students have the option to carry out internships in companies abroad.

This programme meets the professional training needs and also develops the skills required for interacting with people of different cultures, different languages, etc.


Internships abroad are financed by Erasmus grants which are handled through Inmakulada (for the higher level) and Confebask (intermediate and higher level).

Internships can be carried out in Poland, Italy, France, the United Kingdom, Portugal… Thanks to these internships, not only the students but also the teaching staff have the opportunity to gain experience and become acquainted with different work methodologies so as to improve their teaching capacity.

Erasmus Charter for Higher Education (2014-2020)Erasmus Charter for Higher Education (2021-2027)Erasmus policy (2014-2020)TILI Erasmus Policy Statement (2021-2027)

Erasmus 2022 – One of the experiences

The experience of our students Haizea Begue and Saioa Calvo.

Other editions

What is ERASMUS + KA1

More info

Erasmus + App

Erasmus + KA2

Cooperation for innovation for the exchange of good practices for educational centers

The Vetreality project

The upskilling of Teachers and Trainers competencies for fostering INCLUSION has been identified as a high policy priority. To integrate SEN students in Education and Training, there is a need to prepare Teachers and Trainers to use digital and innovative tools. VETREALITY represents a reply to the mentioned needs as it will provide the target group – VET Teachers/Trainers – the required digital competences for tackling this innovative change in the students’ learning process.

International week

Tolosako Inmakulada Lanbide Ikastola, the “International week” will be celebrated between 22-26 March in ordet to work on multilingualism and cultural diversity. That week, the Ikastola will change its daily course and it will open the doors to the different languages, customs, cultures and traditions that we would find internationally.

Le Mans

Exchange and internships among students

The center, maintains since the 2015/2016 course a close relationship with the center Lycée Professionnel privé Joseph Roussel( located in the city of Le Mans. Interchanges and internships are organized in companies to develop linguistic competence and promote knowledge of another culture.

The stays abroad are shorter than in Erasmus + (2-3 weeks) and apart from the option of staying abroad, the project offers the possibility of hosting French students. The centers are responsible for organizing student practices in local companies.

With the delegation of the Joseph Rousell center (2016).
French students who did their internships in Fraisoro (2016).
French students, the delegation of the ikastola and the delegation of the Arangoiti center of Beasain.
Our students in Le Mans (2018).
Students in Ordizia (2017).
French students in Ordizia (2017).
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