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Tolosako Inmakulada Lanbide Ikastola offers to companies technological projects for Bioscience, Bioeconomics and Health:

Contact or call 943 67 36 29 (Garazi Egiguren).

1. Organizational innovation projects

1.1 DATA STUDIO. Google Data Studio

Google Data Studio connects with different platforms offering more attractive, personalized, user-friendly and targeted control panels.

Where can you apply to Data Studio in your company? Management (results, strategy), procurement (suppliers, prices, stock), human resources (schedules, competency map, training), management, administration, finance.

1.2. Innovative Organizations in Educational Centres In educational establishments

Support is provided for the design and implementation of an organizational system based on continuous improvement.

Starting from the structural design of the educational centre, an analysis of the professional profiles of the company will be carried out, adapting them to the functions and requirements.

1.3. Education Laboratory

Innovative Pedagogical Framework designs from up-to-date student profiles:

  • Mapping.
  • Innovative learning experiences.
  • Impact assessment

2. Protocols/Clinical Practice Guides

2.1. Mental health of adolescents and young people

It will be based on the implementation of a programme that improves the capacity of adolescents to adapt to challenges or adversities, while developing, in particular, the suicide prevention programme.

Design of eco-friendly spaces (innovative socialization spaces) in schools.

2.2. Cooperation

Updating/Training Programme in CPR in educational centres in Gipuzkoa.

  • Based on real experiences – Virtual reality.
  • Protocol signs.
  • Awareness videos.
  • Teaching Units to work in the classroom.

2.3. Conduct disorders

A tool for providing individualized strategies to deal with behavioural disturbances in cohabitaion units.

  • To know the biological, psychological and social personal characteristics that cause a person’s behavioral problems to appear.
  • Develop an individualized systemic plan that includes prevention and post-intervention strategies at the time of the behavioral problem.
  • Reduce the intensity and number of expressions of a person’s behavioural problems.

3. Diagnostic tools and systems

For small physiotherapy centers, we offer our school’s ecograph for use by physiotherapy professionals:

  • It allows the injury to be objectively assessed, thereby reducing the chances of error.
    Allows the exact location of the injury.
  • The evolution can be assessed in the monitoring of the injury.
  • It ensures greater accuracy, and the steps to be taken in recovery can be programmed more accurately.

4. Home Care Remote Assistance Service

This project, through the remote tele-assistance service, promotes the valuable and active ageing of people in dependent situations who suffer from unwanted loneliness, ensuring their social participation, health and safety, always focusing on a comprehensive plan based on each individual.

5. Technical assistance for dependent and elderly persons

  • Technology-based leisure products.
  • Augmentative and technology-based communication systems.
  • Technology-based supporting products.

6. Telemedicine.

Systems for monitoring vital signs and self-diagnosis based on technology.

7. 3D biomodels

3D printing (biomodels) to improve hospital efficiency and optimize health and professional resources.

Optimize patients’ treatment and facilitate diagnosis or interpretation.

7.1. Design and production of ortho-prosthesis for animals

As an alternative to standard prostheses, and using 3D printers, prosthetics are offered to animals. It’s an economic solution that offers a simple production process and comfortable treatment.

  • Prostheses for the dogs in the front leg.
  • Back leg dog prostheses.
  • Splints for fractures or luxations in cats or dogs.

7.2. Personalized design and production of immobilization aids aimed at physiotherapy centres

We offer personalized immobilization splints: finger, hand, wrist, elbow, arm, forearm, unloaded ankle.

3D splints are printed tailor-made for patients and shorten recovery time. Among the most notable advantages are water resistance, low weight and ventilation

7.3. Personalized technical assistance

Many people have to customize or adapt everyday elements like spoons, combs, keys.

Technology allows us to design and create personalized technical support for people with functional diversity through 3D printing

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