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New Dual

First year students shall have access to dual training at the company or at the workplace. One of the main objectives, by increasing the number of hours of training in the workplace, is to improve the skills of students, to demonstrate a better level of training and to increase employability.

Advanced Dual

It’s an experience that makes it possible to combine studies with work. Since the professional profile and training are closely related, you will have the opportunity to acquire the skills of some modules at work, combining learning experiences in the school and in the enterprise.

Its main objectives are as follows

  • To provide young people with the opportunity to obtain an FP degree by learning through cooperation between the company and the school.
  • To enable students to acquire complementary skills in the world of work within the company itself, while acquiring financial resources.
  • Increase the opportunities for young people to enter the world of work better suited to the demand of the labour market, and explain the connection between the world of work and education.
  • Promote collaboration between VT companies and educational institutions in terms of pedagogical content and methods.

There are different types

  • Alternating school-enterprise with contract.
  • Alternating school- enterprise with a scholarship.
  • These kinds of characters are formed as follows.

More information

This type of training is being offered throughout the Autonomous Community, according to the training offer and the specific characteristics of each programme.

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